Brand Your Business Workshop Madrid

Are you an entrepreneur in Madrid who would love to reach more people? Then the workshop “Brand Your Business Workshop” on March 12 is for you.

For many of us, starting up our own business was a dream come true. At the same time, it means working very hard.

One of the most important & difficult elements of having a business is having clients that want to pay for your products or services. Therefore, you need to be very clear about what clients you want and what value you can offer to them. That is why you have to brand your business & we’re going to help you with that!

What will you learn? 

We’ll teach you how to brand your business in a way that clients directly know what value you can provide for them. You’ll start to see where you can add value in the life of your clients and position yourself in a competitive business environment.

The Program

Develop your brand | you’ll learn basics of branding and get inspiring examples of how others are mastering it. Afterwards, we will teach you how to develop your own brand.

Improve your brand | in small groups, you will present your brand. Together, we will help you to get the best brand possible.

Share your brand | you will learn to distinguish the properties of social media networks like, and get many handy tools to use them. We will show you how others use social media to share their brand. Then, you will create a great social media profile on the spot. You will work on stories and content that will help you to shine online!


Theo Zijderveld is trainer @ Your Story – My Story, entrepreneur, communications advisor and Ph.D student.
He has worked for the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Netherlands, Pameijer,
Erasmus University Rotterdam, Young Ambition, Neelen & Schuurmans Water Management, and numerous organizations and entrepreneurs.

Eliza Coolsma is a yoga and meditation teacher.
She lives in Madrid, where she has built her own business from scratch in the last 4 years.
Originally from the Netherlands, she has also worked for several newspapers and magazines.


2 free feedback moments on your branding development after the workshop!
be sure to sign up before March 4, for €24 Early Bird Discount!
Brand Your Business Workshop Details:
Price: Early Bird Discount until March 4 €75, Normal Price €99
Date: March 12
Time: 10.30 – 16.30 h
Location: El Patio, Calle de Pizarro 24
Included: workshop, vegetarian lunch, tea, healthy snacks, 2 feedback moments after the workshop.

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