The story of Eliza

The Story of Eliza

On this blog, we will tell the stories of people we know. I really like the story of Eliza, a very good friend of mine. She grew up in the Netherlands, and moved to Madrid a few years ago. Being trained as a journalist, she followed her passion and became a Yoga teacher. I admire her for moving to Madrid and starting up her business in Spain while the economy isn’t doing great.

I know Eliza for years. We have been singing at the same choir in the Netherlands, and have shared many good moments. When I got married, Eliza and her boyfriend Dani came to visit me all the way from Madrid! In February, I visited them with my wife, and the great thing is that we will see them again on the 3rd May in Madrid. Together, we organize  a training social media storytelling and personal branding .

Listen to her story, and become inspired!

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